High-end instruments for particle size and shape characterization

  • Dry and liquid applications, from 200nm up to 30mm
  • Particles size, shape
  • Particles colour
  • Particle density (measurement)
  • Laboratory or on-line
  • From single sample to multisampling
  • Standard and dedicated applications 

New Biopharmaceutical applications

Based on its extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, Occhio Instruments has founded a new biotechnology department now presenting a complete instrument range for disperse media characterisation (emulsion, protein, bacteria, liposomes, micro-algae) dedicated to advanced pharmaceutical and biological compounds.


The image revolution: seeing is measuring

With the rapidly advancing digital technology market, more advanced and sophistocated digital imaging equipment has been made redibly accecible in recent years. These advancements gave way to inovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological instrumentation here at Occhio. This marks a real technological revolution bringing to light a whole new side of measurement equipment and technology that had been otherwise impractical just a few years ago. Thanks to the flexibility of imaging technologies, the smallest and the largest particles, as well as the most transparent and the most elongated particles, can all be turned into sets of pixels and data. However, the incredible amount of optical information provided means that only the most intelligent and robust algorithms are able to accurately and efficiently exploit the data provided. It's precisely here, in the very heart of the data deciphering, that the innovation brought to the market by OCCHIO stands unrivaled. Don't doubt your equipment again, be certain and Choose Occhio to be your partner, bringing you accuracy, profit, and innovation for pharmaceutical and biological media characterisation!