Liquid dispersion applications


Ipac 1

Protein aggregation measuring instrument from 400nm to 1mm


Ipac 2

Protein aggregation measuring instrument from 300nm to 1mm, with the new microchip cell.

Ipac 2 with integrated dispensing robot I New I

Fully automatized procedure for protein aggregation in up to 96 samples!





Dry dispersion applications


Dry particle dispersion device

500nano XY dry powder

From 400nm to mm range, dispersion surface 140mm

Morpho3D I New I

Three dimensional size and shape analysis, from 500µm to 10mm,  vibration and automated dispersion






Occhio Calisto

for IPAC 1

Occhio Calisto 3D

for IPAC 1 and 2, 500nanoXY, Morpho 3D